Monkey Business
3 - 8 year and older

A performance filled with acrobatics, pranks, jokes, tricks and magic!
A circus-variety-cabaret or whatever you wish to call it.

Marionettes, hand puppets and table puppets have great similarities with monkeys and they perform the most amazing feats.

Two circus directors run the show and they don't always agree.
And as monkeys do, these monkeys soon suss the scene.

A look into the workshop!

Technical specifications:  
Audiance: max. 50 children + adults; family performance ( max. 75 persons )
Suitable for: 2-8 yearolds, or all ages family performance.
Duration: 35 mins
Playing area: Cleared floor-space: breadth 5 m, depth 4 m, free height 2,4 m
Rigging time: 11/2 hour
Striking time: 45 mins
Blackout: Full blackout facility is required.
Electricity: Regular 10-Amp wall sockets.

Puppets, set design, manuscript, puppeteers: Cecilia Billing, Anders Lindholm
Original music: Martin Edin
Many thanks to Juan Rodriguez dramaturgy advices.



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